Building Apps for Others

Agency Subscription

We encourage Bubble users to build apps for others. We have set up the Agency Subscription to let you build apps and transfer ownership to your clients smoothly. This subscription provides you with a specific plan for the apps you are building for your clients. Once an app is on the Agency plan, generally all features will be accessible and the branding will be removed in the Development Version of the app.* Apps on this plan are all password protected in run-mode.

You can subscribe to the Agency Subscription in the account page. Once an agency is created, you will be able to add agency members to your subscription and they can start working on apps.

*This plan enables all features that help you build functionality of your Bubble app. It does not necessarily grant access to features which are only needed once an app is in production (e.g. bulk data operations), because that would likely be the purview of your client.

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