Shortcuts and Help


Some shortcuts have been added to the editor to make editing faster. In addition to copy-pasting, you can add a workflow to a button and navigate the Bubble Composer (among other actions) using shortcuts. You can see a list of currently available shortcuts in the Shortcuts panel in the Help menu.

Tutorial Videos

The Help menu also gives you the option to watch the Tutorial Videos that you can find in the Documentation page, which can be useful to watch for context.

Another type of videos are the contextual ones that appear the first time one draws an element. You can also watch them by clicking on the '?' icon in the Property Editor. While these videos sometimes show an older Bubble User Interface theme, their content is still up-to-date and will help you get started with a new element/action.

Access to the Reference

In addition to this User Manual, a full reference can be found here. This reference covers every field and option in the Property Editor and the Bubble platform. It has not been designed to be read from beginning to end, but more to be accessed when you are using a specific element or feature and want to make sure you know what it's about.

You can access the reference from the Editor through the Reference palette. When you hover over an icon or a field for a few seconds, a link will appear. Clicking on this link will open a new tab and take you to the right place within the reference. It is a good idea to keep that tab open, and whenever you click on the link you will be instantly redirected to the right place.

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