Bubble lets you have more than one user modify an app. Multiple users can modify an app at the same time. Note that it is required to be on some higher plans to invite other users to modify your application.

The owner of an application is the one paying for it, while only an admin user of an application can grant and revoke editing rights. You can pick the different permissions that can be applied to a user. These permissions are

  • View - Edit the application. By default, anyone having access to the application will be able to see it.
  • View - Edit the application's database. Viewing means the user can query the database in the App Data view, editing means the user can create, modify and delete things, and run bulk operations.
  • View & Query logs. This lets the user look at server logs and scheduled workflows.

If more than one user modifies an app at the same time, you will see the mouse of the other users, which helps prevent two users from modifying the same elements at the same time.

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