Strategies to Learn Bubble

Learning Bubble can take a few hours to a few days, depending on how familiar you are with thinking about an app in an event-driven way. We recommend starting to use Bubble with a learning mindset, instead of jumping directly to building and expecting to have an app that works a few minutes after signing up. Once you understand the concepts and the tool well, you will realize how much you can do without code, and how fast.

Each user will find an approach that fits their learning style. However, we can recommend what we've seen work with many users.

Start by doing the lessons in the Welcome page. These lessons are interactive modules that show you where to click to build a simple but real app in less than ten minutes. For instance, you will learn how to have users save addresses and display them on a map, build a signup dialog box, and get animated GIFs from Giphy. When you take the lesson, an arrow will show you where to click, and will bring you back to the right place if you get lost in the User Interface. We recommend taking each of the lessons twice–the second time with the same instructions, but without the arrow. If you do so, you will quickly get familiar with the Application Editor.

Once you have done this, you have two options, depending on your learning style:

  1. Watch the different videos or read the manual if you are more academic and like reading before doing.
  2. Start building a simple app if you have a learn-by-doing personality. If choose to do this, though, we recommend you start with a simple app to practice. For instance, an app to have your family report what should be bought for the next grocery store visit, or an app to have your coworkers report what is annoying them in the office (coffee machine noise, etc.). While these examples are pretty simple, they will cover a lot of the fundamental logic you need to understand when building on Bubble, and they can actually be useful!

Getting help

It is always more fun to learn with others! While it is good to spend some time exploring and reading the documentation when you are stuck, don't hesitate to ask the Community for help. Other users have been where you are now, and you will see how helpful the Community is. To increase your chances to get an answer, there are a few things you should do:

  1. Try to start with a clear question so that others know what your question is about, whether it's a beginner question, etc.
  2. Describe what you have already tried; that will help others narrow down possible answers.
  3. Share your app as an open app, so that others can access it (and join a link in your post). If your app is sensitive and private, use some clear screenshots to show what you have done so far. In general, you'll always have more help when users can see the current state of your app.

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