Using the Bubble API

This chapter explains what the Bubble API enables you to do, and how to use it. There are 2 main APIs that every Bubble app has:

  • The Data API allows you to access and edit your Bubble app's database from outside your app
    • Friendly reminder to think about Privacy rules when you're opening up your app to Data API calls!
  • The Workflow API allows you to activate certain workflows (defined in the API Workflows page) from outside your app
    • The API can be used to let other services read data or trigger workflows; it can also be used for scheduled workflows
    • If you want to schedule a workflow in the future, or set up recurring events in your app, you'll need to work with API workflows.

Note that using the Bubble API will very likely require some coding skills (or at least a good understanding of how APIs work). If this topic isn't familiar, we strongly recommend getting external help from a developer. The Community is also a good place to ask for help to get started.

The Reference also has a section dedicated to the Bubble API.

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