Using the API

You use the API by making some requests to the Bubble API. These requests can be done by you, or some external services and developers. This section does not cover using API Workflows inside your app for scheduling or bulk operations, please check the next section for this.

Authentication and Sending Data

Please refer to the API Reference for comprehensive instructions and details about authentication, sending data and API responses.

To issue API keys, you can do this in the Settings Tab, API section. Note that when a request is made with an API key, the user will be considered as an admin user, and will have all rights on the data. On the other hand, if you're using a token returned by a sign up workflow, privacy rules will apply to the current user. See the reference for more details.

Workflow API calls

Triggering a workflow is done via a POST request. See this section of the reference for more details about this.

Data API calls

Creating, modifying, fetching and searching data through the Data API follows a particular syntax, and responses follow a pagination systgem. See this section of the reference for more details.

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